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Mosaic Me Baby

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‘Mosaics’... sounds a little granny to me but no I’m only 24 and insist on putting a little twist on the art called mosaics.

I intend to add little funkyness and contempory, why.. because Ii think it needs it and because that is who I am.  Less is most definitely always more, and I think in a medium such as mosaic it most definitely needs a little less; less clutter, less traditional, and chaos.

My work is simplistic but effective and striking. And is not mosaic in the traditional sense. Most of my work that I do can be altered or customized by you. If for instance you like something that I have done but prefer it in a different colour or size. Or if you have a particular idea in mind but need help in the design of it. I am very hard working and am a perfectionist, so when it comes to my work expect the very best. I hope you enjoy what you see and hopefully look forward to working with you in creating something majestic that you can keep forever!

All accessories are all handmade and can be custom designed to suite your individual needs.

The accessories are; light switch covers, do not disturb signs, side tables, ‘treasure box’ (to keep all your little ones special toys, gifts, cards or any other memorabilia), individual letter boxes (to make up a word or their name), clothing rack (available in the not so distant future) and tooth fairy boxes. They come in a range of soft colours that will compliment the colours of your baby’s room; such as lilac, soft pink/blue/green/yellow. The standard designs are flowers, butterflies, boats, and cars.

The workshops are a lot of fun! The workshops are held by myself at a specific location or on a private basis where I would set up everything at your place; and a group of enthusiastic ladies get together and we spend a good couple of hours creating masterpieces.

You are welcomed by a divine drink and are introduced to a rainbow of colours and from then on the mosaic world is yours for the taking.

I provide everything that is needed e.g. The cut outs, tiles, glue, grout etc. I show the ladies all the tricks of the trade that they will need, assist in the cutting process and the grouting.

If on a private basis, the host will be presented with a little ‘thank you’ gift.

My very first class that was held at Debbie Hannibal’s ‘COOK’ culinary school. Here they created really funky dish rack holders for their kitchens. The design choices were ‘delicious, delectable, gourmet, tantalizing, and simplicity’. It was amazing how they all were completely different once completed and each was a real treasure.
In your little box you get a cut out in a heart, butterfly, rocket, or a dinosaur. All the tiles that you need already cut so it is child friendly in the sense your child does not have the danger of him/her cutting themselves cutting the tiles; a instruction leaflet, glue, grout, and a gorgeous ribbon so when it is completed your child can hang it up in their room.
If you are ordering a vast amount of boxes for a party or other event, you are more than welcome to customize your own box and with a little negotiation we could come up with something special for your particular event
My specialty and love is the actual ‘art’ of making mosaics. I make a lot of interior art. My work is not the traditional style of mosaic that you would normally think of when you hear the word ‘mosaics’. I’ve taken on a more modern funky approach to it.

I use a lot of mirror and in most cases monochromatic colours because it makes a very bold statement and is very contemporary and especially in mosaic and can get a little confusing or even cluttered when using too many different colours on one piece of work. When i use a range of colours they are always bright, and ‘different’ such as the glitter range.

Once again anything can be customized to suite your needs. I make all sorts of mirrors ranging from 2mx1.8m to something that can fit in your handbag. Wall hangings (such as the ‘simplicity’ sign) hearts & crosses.


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